You are a change agent in your industry and organization. You are relied upon to advise stakeholders as to how to improve your organization while meeting the increasingly frequent and educated demands of customers. 

As a transformation-maker, you are seeking methods that will fit with your unique organization yet take advantage of proven ideas that work. Most definitely, you are seeking support to help your team adopt change with enthusiasm and hope, often while facing challenges that may seem insurmountable. When it comes to Agile adoption and  transformation guidance, Innovel is an experienced partner you can count on.

Our trusted team of Agile coaches and leaders provide advice, resources and in-house training to support you and your teams on your Agile adoption journey. 

How Innovel Helps with Agile Transformation

Innovel combines the best of Agile delivery and Lean process excellence. We blend the best in people, process, and technology so that you achieve outstanding business results.

Most of our client teams and organizations start their transformation by contacting us to discuss the best way to help achieve the change they desire. 

You might want to start your Agile conversation with us by asking about one of these programs:

Agile Leadership Essentials Training for You or Your Team

This introduction to Agile Leadership course is for professionals who want to explore the way Agile leaders think, focus, and behave. It will allow you to begin your Agile journey and recognize a valuable approach to leadership that benefits a modern workplace.


Agile Courses & Coaching for Any Professional

In-House Certified Scrum Training for Your Team

You cannot tackle your Agile journey alone. When you want to do Agile right, you get everyone on the same page, often starting with Scrum training. We get your team ready with in-house private Certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Product Owner two or three day courses for your teams of 10 or more.

Agile Transformation Journey Kickstart

When you want to be Agile, but you don’t know where to begin, we get you started with our curated 4 stage process. 

Agile Leadership 

When you have adopted Agile but need support helping your culture and leadership evolve, we customize Agile coaching solutions to suit.

Your Guide to Achieving Outstanding Results 

As your Agile coach, we are your guide. We listen, we advise, we question and, more than occasionally, we challenge the status quo, to help you and your organization make the progress we all seek.

Our Agile Coaching specialists will work with you to help curate a customized Agile journey to help transform your teams and your organization. 

Your Agile Journey is Curated Just For You

When you know you are on an Agile journey, and you may have even started taking yourselves down the Agile methodology path, you can leap into discussions with us from wherever you are at.

Our experienced team is familiar with the obstacles of Agile adoption and know that you, as an Agile leader, need specific support from outside to gain the support you need from within. We are experts in helping you become a trusted advisor that can navigate the internal challenges we know you face.

We tailor our approach to your specific situation when you bring us to you for in-house Agile coaching, training, and consulting services. We focus on understanding your challenges and obstacles and then develop a plan unique to you. 

Sometimes difficult truths are best raised by independent third parties who staff see as neutral.

Your plan may include some of the steps listed below.

Getting Started with Your Agile Journey:

Growing with Agile Methods:

Adopting Agile for Software Industries:

Adopting Agile for Non-Software Industries:

Specific to Practitioners:

Want to know more about Agile before contacting us? 
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We tailor our approach to every client’s situation through these Agile coaching and consulting services:

Do You Need to Familiarize Yourself with Agile?
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Ready to start your Agile journey? 

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