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This ONLINE 2-day CSM® course is for Calgary & area professionals learning to lead, participate in, and understand how to work in Scrum initiatives. Innovel offers the preferred Certified Scrum Training® for professionals who value a quality learning environment. Small class sizes, highly interactive lessons, and attendee participation ensure understanding of Scrum with clarity and enthusiasm, so it can be applied right away.

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Fees are in Canadian funds. Early bird rate ends 1 week before class start.

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June 8/9


This CSM® Course is Guaranteed to…

  • prepare you to pass your CSM® certification exam.
  • give you the latest in Scrum thinking.
  • accelerate your Scrum & Agile adoption.
  • transform your career or organization.
  • be fun, interactive & enjoyable.
  • be supported with bonus training materials after completion.

Every Workshop Includes…

  • pre-reading materials and course preparation advice
  • booklet of course materials including the Scrum Guide
  • soft copy of course materials
  • recommended reading lists
  • PDFs, videos, and links to other learning resources
  • two year membership in the Scrum Alliance

All classes typically run 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. PST for 2 days.
Attendance for both full days is required to qualify for Scrum certification.

This Calgary Innovel CSM® course is online.

The Virtual CSM® course requirements:

  • computer with good Internet access
  • microphone
  • speakers or headphones
  • webcam
  • comfortable chair

More details on requirements will follow.


Robin and the Innovel trainers offer a highly engaging, hands-on, interactive experience. He ensures students receive the information outlined for certification requirements with Scrum Alliance with useful, practical insights, games and applications throughout the course.

Innovel Certified Scrum courses include drinks, snacks, meals and full days of information, sharing and learning.

Requirements: 16 hours training hours required to be qualified to write exam. Contact if you would like to attend but cannot join for full days.

DAY 1: 8:30 – 5:30

  • Introductions
  • Expectations
  • Silent Sort exercise
  • The Ball Points Game
  • Process improvement game
  • Lean, Agile, and Scrum
  • Scrum Process
  • Sprint types exercise
  • Scrum Master Role
  • Working with the team
  • Change agent in an organization
  • Leadership and organizational aspects of implementing Scrum
  • Product Owner Role
  • Working with stakeholders
  • Responsibilities and expectations
  • Ideal Product Owner exercise

DAY 2: 8:30 – 5:30

  • Retrospectives
  • Timeline retrospective exercise
  • The Team
  • The Knot: a self organization simulation
  • Team attributes, model of formation
  • Common issues for Scrummasters
  • Product Backlog, User Stories and Agile requirements
  • User story writing exercise
  • Agile Estimating and Planning
  • Agile estimating
  • Storypoints exercise
  • Planning Poker exercise
  • What is “Done?”
  • Definition of done exercise

ScrumMaster training provides an applied understanding of the Scrum process and helps participants begin to develop the tools, insights, and skills required to apply Scrum on their projects and across their organizations.

Every day leaves plenty of time for practice, questions and discussion!


  • Exam (included in fee)
  • online, multiple choice exam through Scrum Alliance is the final step in your Certification, completed in your own time
  • 2 Year Scrum Alliance Membership (included in fee)
  • access global ScrumAlliance community
  • Scrum Adoption Support Information Series
  • weekly advice and enhanced information email series to help you
  • adopt Scrum in your work and with your peers


How long has Innovel provided Scrum training?

Our Innovel trainers are highly regarded Certified Scrum experts with real world experience in many project management and software methodologies. They have been using Scrum since 2002 and have trained over 5000 professionals throughout Europe, North American and Canada since 2006. Robin Dymond, CST® is the Innovel managing partner and lead trainer. He is one of only seven Certified Scrum Trainers® qualified to deliver Certified Scrum training in Canada, and one of the most experienced CSTs to be part of the exclusive Certified Scrum Trainers worldwide network.

Is there an exam to become Certified? Is it included?

CSM® certification requires completion of the 2-day course, plus a 50-question exam to be completed on your own time, within 90-days of completing the course. The cost of the exam, and gaining access to the exam, is included in the registration with your Innovel CSM course. CSPO® requires completion of the 2-day course and does not require an exam. With both courses, you also gain a 2-year Scrum Alliance Membership at no additional cost.

Do you have discounts?

Yes! We have 4 ways you or your team can save:

  1. Early bird pricing (usually available until 3 weeks before class start).
  2. VIP discounts. Past customer? We provide you a $200 credit for your next course.
  3. Group of 3 or more save 10% on the posted rate.
  4. Groups of 10 or more save more. Contact us for a quote for public or private training.

Do your courses include meals?

Yes! Innovel provides a continental breakfast and lunch, pre-ordered to meet any unique dietary requirements. Coffee, tea and other beverages are also provided.

Are materials included with your courses?

We provide a booklet of course materials, recommended pre-course preparation materials, and post course reading list, PDFs, videos, and links to additional resources. For the CSPO we provide a User Story Writing Cheat Sheet. For our CSM® participants, we also provide a the Scrum Guide to prepare for the CSM exam, and 8 support articles over 8 weeks to help you adopt Scrum week-by-week in your organization.

Are Innovel Courses Guaranteed to Run?

We do everything we can to avoid cancelling courses. However, very occasionally it can happen. On the rare instance that we must cancel a course you have registered and paid for, you will receive advance notice, and we provide options for you to consider. In the event we cancel, you may have your payment refunded, or, we will transfer you to the next date and provide you with a $100 reimbursement as an ‘inconvenience gift’ from us to you. Your choice.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Prior to 3 Weeks Before Your Course:

No refund is available should you wish to cancel your course registration at any point after registration. However, if you make your request prior to 3 weeks of your course date, we are happy to transfer your registration at no additional charge. You may transfer to another date, another person, or another person on another date.

Within 3 Weeks of Your Course Date:

Should you request a refund within 3 weeks of your course, no refund is available. We recommend you transfer your seat to another person, on the same date, at no additional charge. Should another person be unable to take your seat, we will provide a 50% credit towards a future course.

Contact us to make arrangements as stated above, or with any questions or concerns if your situation doesn’t align with these policies, at

Should Innovel cancel a course for any reason, we will offer a full refund or a transfer to a future course with a $100 discount.

Do have a Satisfaction Guarantee?

Yes. Innovel training programs have very high satisfaction results. Our students and their companies are consistently pleased with the value we provide. Our Innovel team is trained to help adult learners retain more and enjoy their time in our programs.
However, we don’t take our great reputation for granted. We believe in life long learning and there is always room for improvement. So, if you attend a training and we don’t completely meet your expectations, simply let us know.

We’ll work hard with you or your team to bridge any training gaps and ensure your satisfaction.

What we do guarantee is our Certified Scrum Master workshop will be an engaging experience that will give you the knowledge and confidence to start implementing Scrum and Agile in your organization.

Do I have to attend the full course to be Certified?

The Scrum Alliance requires you to gain 16-hours of participation within a classroom training to be qualified for Certification. This is confirmed by the Certified Scrum Trainer® who determines if you meet this criteria. If extraordinary circumstances require you to miss a few hours of training, take-home assignments can be provided by the CST in place. This must be arranged and approved in advance with the trainer. If you miss significant portions of a course, you will not be able to be Certified. You will need to re-register (and pay) to attend again in the future.

Can I gain PDUs from the PMI?

Yes. The Scrum Alliance and Project Management Institute agree that CSM and CSPO credentials also qualify for PDUs. Upon completion of your Certified Scrum training, Innovel provides information for you to learn how to request your PDUs from PMI.


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