Build a Resilient, Adaptive Organization with Agility

Transform your organization so your projects and teams can flourish. With Agile solutions and Scrum training, you gain the tools to adapt to increasing uncertainty, unpredictability, and change. Go Agile with Innovel and achieve the flexibility and stability to thrive.

New to Agile and Scrum and not sure how to get started?
Looking to refresh your team knowledge and practices of Agile and Lean methods?
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Innovel’s excellence in Agile training, coaching, and consulting leverages our deep skills in transforming organizations. We share over 20 years of experience supporting Agile transformations across the globe. This allows us to specialize in helping clients navigate to become more human and effective value-driven organizations. We lead with our customer-focused approach.

Starting Your Agile Transformation Can Be Easy –
Our Approach Offers Simplicity, Flexibility & Common Sense

Agile is the Human Side of Digital Transformation

When you are set up to adapt and remain resilient, no matter what, your responses to product and service initiatives will be effective during increasingly uncertain times.

Agile organizations rapidly adapt to external disruptors:

Agile organizations evolve towards a more effective and meaningful workplace:

Adopt Agile to create a foundation where individuals and teams excel during states of stability and states of change.

Agility means you have the strategic foundation for resilience and operational processes for adaptability. Creating that Agile foundation and process starts with a transparent, honest, empathetic conversation about where you are at, your goals and how we can help you achieve them.

Innovel has an expansive catalogue of Agile and Scrum coaching, workshops, and training solutions to assist our clients on their journey to becoming Agile.

We start with conversations to deeply understand your challenges and needs. Then we develop a partnership plan with an engagement process that looks like this:

How Our Process Works: From Vision To Adaptation

Can we help you, your team,
or your organization?

Restructure and Revitalize With an Agile Mindset

Rapid and effective deployment of skills, resources, and employees is the new normal for successful organizations. Disruptions will continue to impact you at an increasingly difficult pace. Rather than flounder, you can flourish through uncertainty.

Innovel's approach has helped clients adapt and grow across many industries

Manufactured Products

Financial Services

Healthcare IT

Enterprise Software





Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management

Whether you are already innovating with iterative quality improvement approaches (Agile, Kanban, Lean, other) – or just thinking about it – Innovel’s Agile Transformation consulting and training provides the Agile mindset your teams, leaders, executives, and stakeholders need.

Build resiliency right into your core day-to-day business operations.

Easier adaption to change is within your grasp with Innovel’s Agile Transformation support.

The days of repetitive, inflexible business operations are in the past.


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How Resilient & Adaptable is Your Organization?


How Resilient & Adaptable is Your Organization?


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