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We know that now, more than ever, you are adapting to constant disruption and rapid change that can cause discomfort, stress, and a chaotic response. You have a sense that you are coping but not thriving and you cannot do your best work because there isn’t enough time. At Innovel, our mission is to help you change how you work so you and your organization can thrive – even in a world where rapid change is a constant.

Leveraging Your Tension – A Springboard to Stability

Our mission is to help companies in any industry, with any organizational problems, find stability in even the most challenging times. We help you discover how you can change uncomfortable tension into a springboard for meaningful organizational transformation that respects individual, team, and company health and vitality.

Tension is often considered a challenge or negative concept. However, we see it as a healthy tension – it is a term we use to describe an organization or a system under pressure that is capable of leveraging this pressure in positive ways. And this capability is gained through Agility.

Your Partner In Agility and Change

Being Agile means you have the strategic foundation for resilience and the operational processes for adaptability. Partnering with Innovel to support your Agile transformation provides both a framework and freedom – ensuring comfort and success through planned and unplanned disruptions.

Innovel has an expansive catalogue of Agile and Scrum solutions. But we don’t start with solutions – we start by getting to know each other so we can meet you where you are at.

We honestly discuss the barriers and challenges you face and how you can create better work processes that suit your environment. Then we clarify your needs and establish the benefits you will gain from our Agile and Scrum approach. 

With a shared understanding of your goals, we tailor our four-step approach to get your Agile journey started, keep it going, or take your organization to the next level.

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Innovel’s Engagement Approach


We focus on understanding your current situation and key business goals in making the transition to Agile and Scrum. We also work to ensure that you understand the key supports that will be required to enable a successful Agile transformation and the barriers you may be facing from within your organization.


To enable a successful Agile and Scrum transition, we identify a training plan for everyone, from core team members to managers to influential stakeholders. Having a shared understanding reduces uncertainty-based fear, improves motivation to try this new way of working and removes barriers to adoption by ensuring managers and other stakeholders know what to expect with this new approach.


Through facilitated workshops and hands on consulting, we help your teams and organization implement these new ways of working. We guide management and staff on the practices, roles, and new behaviors needed to successfully use Agile and Scrum in their organization.


As your organization travels on its Scrum and Agile journey the easy to do changes are made, while the harder changes are often delayed, worked around or ignored. We provide ongoing consulting support and guidance to help you overcome the more difficult challenges in Agile transformation. We help you find your improvement opportunities and show how your organization can establish a regular and habit forming improvement cadence.

Innovel's industry proven methods help you achieve:

Faster time to market, ROI, and quick response to managing change in stable and unstable times.

Support in keeping people in their jobs, creating a system that helps teams respond to change in the market and deliver better what customers want and need, regardless of disruption, overwhelm, and stress.

Innovel Tenets of Agile Excellence

We believe in people.

A people-centric approach to digital transformation, organizational change, and growth creates the enabling system for you to do great work. People like you invite Innovel to help you lead change towards a more engaging, innovative and rewarding workplace.

When an organization takes care of its people, the people take care of the customers.

Our clients love our work.

Our work with our clients is always engaging and rewarding. We are appreciated for our consistent enthusiasm, positivity, and tactical focus on digital transformation journeys. We are thanked for helping clients bring a positive transition mindset back to their teams. We help them prove that people-focused work is the best work for stakeholders, teams, and the end-customers.

We make it personal.

We are renowned for world-class, worldwide training and courses – but without losing our personal touch. We are intentionally boutique in size so we can commit to a customer-centric, customized experience for each client and every class participant.

From the first time you engage with us to after our work together is complete, we strive to ensure your needs are met.


Our customers trust us.

We know you have choices. Our customers rely on our team to help them make the best decision for themselves personally and their teams. You can rely on us to help guide your innovation journey too. We commit to having highly-satisfied and successful clients. They are the foundation of our success.

Our focus is always on the best solution for you, not the next sale for us.

How We Help

Innovel provides both public training and private client consulting and training programs that lead you, your teams, and your organization through innovation and change. We guide your digital transformation journey with the techniques, practices, principles, and values that shape how we think about the organization and how work really gets done in your organization.

A different way to work. A different way to organize.

Innovel helps you, your teams, and your organization find a better way to work through engaging experiential training and results focused consulting. Our courses and advice help you clearly see the potential and the path to changing how you work, whether you are a project manager, developer, a Director, the COO or other change-maker in your organization.

We coach our clients through the difficult process of implementing change.

Make rapid change a competitive advantage.

In today’s uncertain environment, your business must keep up with the rapid change of pace demanded by the market, the global environment, and the needs of your customers. Innovel helps you discover how to leverage Agile methods to turn your unique situation into your competitive strength.

What Innovel Offers

Innovel helps build organizations that are better for people – stakeholders, your team, yourself and your customers. We guide you to solutions for the human side of digital transformation. Our tools include proven Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum training courses, Service bundles focused on meeting your specific goals &  experienced Agile consulting and coaching, customized to your needs.

We also pride ourselves on over 20 years of leadership in the worldwide Agile community. We know that Scrum and Agile careers will continue to grow and evolve, and our goal is to help every client grow their internal Agile capabilities.

Innovel Agile Solutions are for Every Industry, Any Challenge

While Agile is not for every organization, Agility certainly is a solution for every industry – IT and non-IT – and their challenges. While readiness is a factor in adopting Agile, Innovel has a specific and unique strength in meeting organizations where they are at. 

Internationally Recognized Agile Consultants & Scrum Trainers

Robin Dymond, Principal Trainer and Consultant, has practiced Agile methods since 2002. He has worked in the software business since 1990, has trained over 5000 people in the U.S., Europe, and Canada. Robin is a Certified Scrum Trainer® through Scrum Alliance, the world leader in Scrum training.

Robin leads Innovel’s skilled trainers, coaches and consultants to support clients worldwide. Our entire team upholds the same commitment to people-first.

Innovel means innovation and velocity – we help organizations achieve rapid growth and manage risk and uncertainty in complex times.

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