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To be effective, your organization must be able to adapt and remain resilient through uncertainty and disruption. Agility provides the foundation you need to be responsive and stable at the same time. Innovel trains, consults, and coaches organizations like yours to embrace an Agile transformation with a simple, flexible, common sense approach.

How We Work With You

We start with a simple, no-commitment discovery call. We work to understand your needs, your goals and your vision. We work from where you are at in your Agile transformation and collaborate with you to find the best methods to get you where you want to go.

How Our Process Works: From Vision To Adaptation

Accelerate, De-Risk and Create Enthusiasm with Innovel's Focused Solutions

Our experienced team is familiar with the obstacles you face. We are also aware of the high stakes and risks of not adopting Agility to manage rapid change. With Innovel’s large family of Agile solutions, we are able to match you with exactly the right approach to suit your organization right now.

Spring Into Agile With Training & Coaching Bundles
Enabling Your Agile Transformation
Advancing Your Agile Transformation
Agile Transformation Support for Leaders

Whether you are brand new to Agile, need a refresher, or your next steps are unclear, our priority is ensuring you have the right solutions for your team.

Agility by Innovel is For Every Industry

We have an extensive library of Agile and Scrum training, consulting, workshop, and coaching solutions to help the Agile transformation of IT and non-IT organizations.

Manufactured Products
Financial Services
Defense & Aerospace
Healthcare IT
Enterprise Software
Engineering, Procurement, and  Construction Management (EPCM)
Government & NGOs


Innovel’s team are experts in helping your team make a complete commitment to the life cycle of an Agile Transition, with an approach that is both thoughtful and organic. Drawing on two decades of experience with global and local Agile adoptions for customers, we have curated sensible bundles of solutions that make it easier for you to get started with the full picture of the work ahead in mind. These complete solutions may include training, workshops, coaching and/or consulting.

Getting Started with Agile & ScrumSTAGE: ENABLE & IMPLEMENT
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Ready to get going? In this one week program, we get your stakeholders and team ready to start using Scrum, and start your first Sprint, through Scrum training, team chartering, and product backlog discovery. Once the team has some practice we provide part time consulting to help accelerate the team's improvement.
Launching Scrum and Agile for Hardware & ManufacturingSTAGE: ENABLE & IMPLEMENT
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Ready to speed up your product improvements and development? Learn to apply Scrum and Agile for hardware, mechanical, electrical, and manufacturing process focused teams. With an Agile transition assessment, Scrum training for stakeholders and teams, and a product planning workshop to prioritize and define the work, we facilitate your cross functional team chartering and establish all the conditions to start implementing.
Agile Team RefreshSTAGE: ENABLE & ADAPT
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Already use Scrum and Agile but face roadblocks? If you started under less than ideal conditions or without a common approach to implementing, we can help your team renew an understanding of methodologies, step away from bad habits, improve practices, and reenergize collaboration. Our consulting and support improves your processes in a quick and practical way.
Leading Agile TransformationsSTAGE: ENABLE & IMPLEMENT
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Transitioning to an Agile organization is more than establishing Scrum teams. Scrum is how you do the work but Agile transformation is how you change to support that team based structure. Through consulting and coaching, we help you establish the framework to lead Agile Transformations, including governance, road map planning, change management, HR policy, improvement strategy and more.


If you or your team are curious about if and how Agile or Scrum methods can help your
organization grow but you aren’t ready or don’t have full commitment to leap in with both feet, we have many ways for you to try Agile out on your team. The truth is, Agile is not going to work in organizations that are not ready. Our Quick Start solutions help you dip a toe in with enough learning and understanding gained to explore. And guaranteed, there will be valuable take away knowledge your group can apply right away – without or without a more expansive adoption.

Scrum for TeamsStage: Enable
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A workshop to demystify how Scrum works for employees who may not be part of the Scrum team but will benefit from Scrum basic knowledge.
Certified Scrum MasterStage: Enable
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A certification workshop for all IT and non-IT staff requiring knowledge of how Scrum works in order to participate in Scrum teams or become a Scrum Master.
Certified Scrum Product OwnerStage: Enable
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A certification workshop for all IT and non-IT product managers, product owners, Scrum Masters, business analysts and other business professionals with a stake in organizational transformation.
Certified Scrum DeveloperStage: Enable
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A certification workshop that strengthens your skills in Agile product development and Agile engineering skills, for those who already have a proven understanding of Scrum and Agile principles.
For Hardware & ManufacturingStage: Enable
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An introductory course to Scrum for hardware focused teams – includes application for hardware, mechanical, electrical systems, and manufacturing processes.
For Marketing & AdvertisingStage: Enable
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An introductory course to Scrum for marketing and advertising professionals who seek Scrum and Agile solutions to improve your own processes or to support Scrum teams within their organizations.
For Finance & ProcurementStage: Enable
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An introductory course to Scrum for finance and procurement professionals who seek Scrum and Agile solutions to improve your own processes or to support Scrum teams within their organizations.
Scrum Simulation with LegoStage: Enable
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A short workshop offering a playful, visceral experience that highlights the challenges and rewards of working with high level stakeholders/visionaries and teams, while adopting the key principles of Scrum.


If you have already adopted Agile into your organization, you are in the unique position for having already come to appreciate the value of Agility, the obstacles unique to your organizational transformation, and an awareness of your gaps. We have developed training, workshop, coaching, and consulting solutions to help you unlock your Agile adoption if you are stuck and help your Agile leaders become skilled in areas they are seeking knowledge or support.

Agile Leadership TrainingStages: Envision + Enable
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A workshop that enables managers to add value by addressing systemic issues that impede organizational change and by developing ideas and tools that help scale Scrum across culture, management, and teams.
Scaling & Multi-Team Agile Product DevelopmentStages: Enable, IMPLEMENT, ADAPT
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Growing your organization? Have multiple teams on the same product? We help you establish pragmatic, effective methods for coordinating across teams leveraging Large Scale Scrum, Spotify, and pragmatic techniques learned with customers who have scaled to 500+ team members on the same product.
Scrum & Agile for StakeholdersStage: Enable
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A short workshop to introduce concepts to staff who occasionally interact with Scrum teams. This focuses on the basics of Scrum and Agile and a mindfulness on how to support Agile transformation at arms-length.
Lean, Agile & Kanban for OperationsStage: Enable
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Workshop and coaching for managers and teams seeking continuous improvement designed to assist focus, work, outcomes and processes over time using Agile and complementary practices.
Testing & QA Practices for Agile Teams & DevelopersStage: IMPLEMENT
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A workshop for R&D groups learning to support Agile development. Provides increased quality and improvements through testing practices, test metrics, test automation, and supporting applications which align with the Scrum delivery process.


If your team or organization has been using Agile methodologies for quite some time and you have a great deal of bench strength in your organization, your challenges in your Agile transformation require a unique and guided approach. Whether you are stuck on deciding what should happen next, you are ready to scale but want to avoid roadblocks, you have obstacles to overcome but are unclear how to remove them, consider our expert coaching and consulting services.

Agile Transformation FrameworkStage: ALL
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Innovel’s Agile Transition Framework is the tool that helps Innovel discover where you are at and what your unique process needs to be to achieve scalability, resiliency, and adaptability. Organizations that continually and reliably deliver value to customers are improved over time. Innovel partners with you to develop a flexible goal oriented approach to implementing an Agile transition.
Agile AssessmentStage: Envision
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A collaborative consultation process for teams and management to ensure readiness and alignment on desired goals. Working with teams uncovers challenges and benefits. Collaborating with leadership leverages their insights about the organization, challenges and goals. Our assessment provides an independent view of different perspectives and creates alignment that accelerates the transition to Agile and Scrum.
Agile Transformation PlanningStage: Envision
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We consult with key stakeholders to develop a roadmap for the transition to Agile and Scrum, including the approach, baseline measures, and requirements to be fulfilled prior to beginning the Agile Transition.
Agile Project KickOffStage: Enable
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In this one week program we get ready to start using Scrum right away. We include Agile and Scrum training to team members and stakeholders, team chartering, and product backlog discovery, with the goal of starting to use Scrum the following week. We provide part time consulting to help accelerate the team's improvement as they climb the learning curve of using Agile and Scrum to manage their work.
Release Strategy & Scope ManagementStages: Enable + Implement
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Consulting and coaching to help Product Owners develop a clearly articulated release strategy and gain the tools to know how to evaluate and revise these release strategies. We advise and demonstrate Product Backlog management, and how to engage teams and stakeholders in support of the process.
Expert Consulting for Scrum Masters & Agile CoachesStages: Implement + Adapt
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Support for staff as they take on roles to help guide teams and organizations to transition to an Agile way of working. Consulting for Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches so they can learn to effectively support their teams and their departments in the organization.
Enterprise Agile Transformation Support for ExecutivesStages: Implement + Adapt
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Support and guidance in setting up an Agile transition team, determining what measures and metrics to monitor. Establishing a cadence of regular organizational change and improvement. Change management advice to help you find solutions where change is harder to implement. Lean ideas from Toyota. Agile and Scrum coaching to gain end to end visibility on your organizations processes, bottlenecks and improvement opportunities.
Adapting Towards a Future State Organizational DesignStages: Envision + Implement + Adapt
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Coaching transition teams and leaders to foster a new, more agile culture by improving organizational redesign decisions and approach to testing and evaluating changes; helping to define the road map; finding the organizational design that is right for you today; putting in place a framework for evaluating, re-evaluating and revising our design choices; help establish the internal capability to maintain and grow Agile transitions; and design organizations to be flexible, adaptable and resilient.

An Adaptive and Resilient Organization is Positive for Everyone

In a constantly changing world, an Agile organization:

Innovel’s engagement process identifies the best path forward to make your organization more adaptive, more resilient, and better able to withstand the locally and globally impacted disruptions we’ve had to come to accept.


Time to Go Agile?

Contact Innovel to help springboard your
successful Agile transformation.

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